Fuelled by a keen sense of curiosity, Saayman Says is where I love to share my sometimes less than conventional ideas and thoughts.

I aim to drive a sense of wonder.

My posts challenge the mundane and everyday. From the words of Euripides: “Question everything”.

Saayman at Work

I work in the technical side of the creative industry. I entered the web industry 10 years ago and found my niche within the field of front end layout, user experience and interface design.

Within the field of design, concept is everything:

– It is what drives efficacy. It summons insight.
More beautiful than any spoken word, more contagious than a cold.
It is the ultimate foundation upon which all great designs are born.

Below please find a series of featured work that I have done over the years. It should provide you with an overview of my skill set and experience within my field.

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