Some of the Funniest IT Stories

Some of the Funniest IT Stories

My husband and I both work in IT. When you work in the industry, you become accustomed to a certain volume of inane problems.

These, however, take the proverbial cake, its cook and the farmer that grew the wheat for the flour.

Some of the Funniest IT Stories

My computer won’t switch on

IT Support: “Hi, Mat speaking, how can I help?”
Client: “Hi, it’s Silvia. I’m having some trouble with my computer.”
IT Support: “What seems to be the problem?”
Client: “My computer won’t switch on.”
IT Support: “Is the computer plugged in?”
Client: “Yes.”
IT Support: “Is your server on?”
Client: “No, of course not! The power is out!”

Yes, they live amongst us.

How did you type the URL?

IT Support: “Hi, Mat speaking, how can I help?”
Client: “Hi, I’m having trouble with our updates.”
IT Support: “No problem, open up chrome and go to”
Client: “OK, I’ve typed it into chrome but all I get is a google results page.”
IT Support: “Mmm, that’s strange. Read what you typed back to me.”
Client: “wwwdotexampledotcom.”
IT Support: “Mmm, that’s very strange.”
IT Support: “Did you type a full stop or the word ‘dot’ in between the URL?”
Client: “I typed the word ‘dot’.”

Are these people from the past?

Have you tried switching it on and off again?

Client: “My computer is slow and my applications are not responding.”
IT Support: “Have you tried restarting your computer?”
Client switches screen off and screen back on again, “It didn’t work!”

Dirty Data

Developer: “…The data is very dirty.”
Client: “How does the data become dirty?”
Developer: “Well it was down in the basement; and a pipe burst. There was data everywhere!”

Cue awkward laughter.

No response to my request

Irate Client: “Why have you not responded to my support request?”
IT Support: “Good morning, I’m sorry Sue, I haven’t received a support request from you. What seems to be the problem?”
Irate Client: “My email has not been working for 3 days!”
IT Support: “Sue, I simply can’t believe that someone on our support team would not attend to such an urgent call, to whom did you speak to regarding this problem?”
Irate Client: “I sent my support query to you via email.”

Failure to communicate

Pranking is a big part of our department culture. When Pete attended company training he decided that it was time to extend this tradition to other members of the company. He swapped the receivers for the keyboards of the two guys sitting to his left around when they stepped out for their lunch break. When Mark and Thane returned, they were both perplexed as to why their keyboards weren’t working.

Mark suddenly realised that if he typed something, it appeared on Thane’s screen. Positively jubilated with his discovery, he showed Thane what was happening. Thane typed, and was amazed that somehow these computers had become confused.

After a couple of minutes of chattering and laughter, the two settled down to continue with their work. Instead of swapping the receivers back, they both continued to work, whilst staring at the other one’s screen.

Tell me your funniest IT stories

Ok, so by now I’m sure you don’t believe me, or you may even think I’m being hyperbolic. I really wish I could say these stories were a product of fiction, but I can’t, these things really happened. What are your funniest IT stories?

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