Remove hair dye without damaging your hair

Remove hair dye without damaging your hair

I’m sure you’ve been there before.

You’ve dyed your hair too dark or have gone a shade of red or purple and you instantly regret your decision.

Or maybe you’ve spent years dying your hair and simply wish to remove the layers of build up and return to a lighter colour.

I’ve played this treacherous game habitually each time swearing more emphatically than the last time that I would never do it again. I had been dying my hair a dark red for a couple of years and never dared say the words “I would like to return to my natural colour” as I knew what this would mean.¬†Hours in the salon with no chance of emerging with hair that’s texture doesn’t resemble anything less than straw by comparison.

My blog isn’t about promoting products, but I feel compelled to spread the word about this invention after experiencing it’s incredible powers.

Daring myself to want to go back to my natural colour, I took to the internet for an answer.

I found a chatroom where a few ladies were discussing a product called Color B4. I was apprehensive at first but decided to try it, despite the advice of friends of co-workers that doubted it would yield any change.

Red is notoriously difficult to remove

Anyone that has dyed their hair red and tried to remove it, will know that red is a particularly stubborn color whilst ironically being a colour that washes out so easily. Hair Stylists will tell you that it’s because red pigment penetrates the cortex of the hair shaft deeper than other colors. When the developer staining melanin bonds with the cortex on the hair shaft it releases quickly due to it’s heavier molecular weight, making it a very difficult colour to keep up with.

Blonde Woman

I was pleasantly surprised!

It removed almost everything! The color was a little bit uneven and the bottom pieces came out a bit more of a coppery tone, but all-in-all, WOW!

When I arrived at my hairdresser the following morning she stared at me incredulously. How had I managed to remove the red colour?

After 1 hour in the chair we maintained my natural colour whilst lifting a few streaks to a clear white tone. There are no yellow tones in the streaks where she applied the peroxide!

After seeing the final result, she said that had I called her and said that I wanted to try this product she would have instinctively told me not to do it. She said and I quote:

I am so glad that you did, as we would’ve never been able to lift your hair to platinum blonde.

How does it work

Color B4 breaks the hair colour molecules in your hair, shrinking them and making it possible for you to simply wash them out. The more of a thorough wash you give your hair, the more likely you will yield better results.

User beware

I recommend you have a plan for what you’re going to do after this product has been applied. Whether it’s a trip to the salon or having another box colour ready. There are no guarantees that your hair will lift the same and equally for that matter.

Secondly, I recommend following the instructions. I achieved my results but following the instructions precisely.

Last, but not least, get ready for a pretty intense odour. The process is that of a chemical nature and it might take a few washes to rid yourself of the smell.

Was there any damage?

I would say that my hair was a little bit dry afterwards, but I wouldn’t attribute that damage to the product as it was likely caused from years of dying.

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