10 sentiments that will change your view of the world forever

10 sentiments that will change your view of the world forever

Ok, so you’ve probably heard some of these before, but maybe not phrased like this. Or maybe you haven’t really let yourself acknowledge the impact of these sentiments or allowed these ideas to alter your perspective.

I dare you to take a few minutes to do so.

1) Every single plastic bottle, straw or cup you have ever used in your entire life, still exists today.

Scary, but true. It takes a plastic straw about 200 years to decompose, while plastic water bottles take up to 450 years to decompose. Plastic bags take anything from 10 years to 500 years to disintegrate. So maybe a few of those have broken down by now.

Many think that coffee cups are recyclable but most cups are lined with a layer of polyethylene to aid with making the cup waterproof. This makes it difficult for the cup to be effectively recycled, because it can’t be easily separated.

If you think about every plastic thing that you’ve ever used in your lifetime, how big do you think that pile would be?

Edward Humes, author of “Garbology”, has done a great deal of research in this very field and has determined that the average American creates 120 tonnes of garbage in their lifetime. Your impact on the earth will remain long after you are gone one day.

As a global community we should be applying pressure onto big companies to look into creating more sustainable solutions. From our side we could make smaller switches to reusable bags and keep cups.

Take a look at home Lauren Singer fits all of her waste from the past 4 years into one jar. She has some great videos on You Tube for tips on living a zero waste lifestyle.

2) If you can imagine it, there is probably someone out there already doing it?

This one stems from the “everything has already been done” phrase which is turned on its side to reveal the boundless nature of human curiosity and will. Try not to let your mind wonder to it’s darker regions for the sake of sanity.

Everything from connecting the human brain to a computer to a human head transplant, somehow all the things that were once merely the ideals of science fiction are becoming our reality. Even immortality could one day soon be within our grasp.

3) Free website’s aren’t free

Free websites may seem free, but you’re paying for it with your personal information. Companies are collecting data on large-scale, creating psychometric profiling on every single person on the planet. They use this to market things to you and sometimes even sell your information to other companies.

If you think that sounds pretty harmless, a company in the UK called Cambridge Analytica is even going so far as to claim their big data technologies and stratagems are responsible for BREXIT and Trump’s victory in the U.S. elections.

Before I come dangerously close to sounding like a conspiracy theorist, let’s acknowledge that big data powers have been used for the global good too. Notably within the healthcare industry, big data has been used to predict epidemics, cure diseases and avoid preventable deaths.

I think that the cause for concern is rooted in worry of when big data is not exactly used in our best interests.

4) The widely known slogan “Save the World” should actually be “Save Ourselves”.

It was intended by marketers that the statement be empowering, when the reality is actually something entirely different. It is widely accepted that the world will remain long after we are gone. We are not destroying the world nor are we saving it, we are simply making it uninhabitable for ourselves.

5) There are still people that think the earth is flat

I still can’t believe this one. They’re currently seeking finance to send out a satellite into space to prove their theory. Uhm, hasn’t this already been done? Somebody correct me.

6) One day you are going to die

Your days are finite. This is one everyone knows, but when last have you really stopped to think about it? One day you will wake up and it will be your last day. You will take your last breath. Maybe you will know it is happening, maybe you won’t. You might get a chance to say goodbye to the people you care about, you might not. This is normally the part where people start spewing the “live everyday to the fullest” aphorisms and axioms. Is this really even possible?

7) Money and the economy is nothing more than an idea – a very powerful one at that

The saying ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ couldn’t be more accurate. It is however made from them.

Money is a manmade concept. An idea that has caused wars, divide and driven us to strip our planet of its resources to the point of no return.

The idea is so powerful that should it be decided that tomorrow it would no longer exist, we would likely descend into anarchy within minutes.

8) On 24th of August 2015 1 in every 7 people in the world were on Facebook at the same time

More than a billion people logged onto Facebook at the same time, setting a new record for social media. This milestone is no small feat, considering that the company was only established in 1994.

9) Before 1983, if you wanted to reach someone by phone, you couldn’t reach them on a cellphone

That’s not that long ago for something that we take for granted every day. 34 Years to be exact. Mobile devices only became mainstream

10) Christopher Columbus has never been to America, let alone discovered it

Don’t believe me? Look it up.


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