6 things about Facebook you probably didn’t know

6 things about Facebook you probably didn’t know

From keeping your personal information safe, to some hopefully helpful and handy tips to make you a Facebook whiz, these are a couple of things any active Facebook users ought to know.

1) People could be following you on Facebook without you knowing it.

So the first one is a little scary. I seldom give into sensationalism or fear mongering, but as a mom I care about who can see pictures of my little boy. So yes scary, but true.

Dependent on your settings, these people may be able to see your personal information and posts. Click here for more information on this.

So just a quick side note, if nobody is following you, you won’t see anything in the options provided to you. So you can breath a sigh of relief if this is you.

How to block unwanted followers?

  1. Login to Facebook
  2. Hit the drop down arrow in the top right corner
  3. Click on Settings
  4. On the left hand panel click on Blocking
  5. Type “following me” into the Block users input and hit Block
  6. If anyone is following you, a list will populate and you will be allowed to block them – see a list of names on my Facebook page.


After this, go back into your Settings and click on Public Posts on the left. Select Friends next to Who Can Follow Me to prevent people from following you in the future.

2) Save on data charges by turning off the autoplay feature in your Facebook feed.

  1. Hit the drop down arrow in the top right corner
  2. Click on Settings
  3. On the left hand panel click on Videos and Photos
  4. Under the Auto-play section you can select whether the videos may play with data and wifi or not

3) If you have someone that keeps bugging you on your chat, you can hide your “online” status from them.

  1. On desktop at the bottom left corner of your screen on your chat box, click the gear icon.
  2. Select Advanced Chat Settings
  3. Here you can turn off your chat for some contacts

4) You’re able to change your relationship status without the change appearing in your feed.

  1. Before you change your status, go to the About tab and select Family and relationships
  2. Change your privacy settings to Only Me
  3. Now change your status – no one will know the wiser

5) You can ‘sneaky’ share a post with everyone except for one person.

So maybe you’re hiding something from your boss or your sister, we won’t judge. Here’s a handy way you can share a status or post without him or her knowing.

There is a Who should see this? menu next to the Post button. Select Custom and then add the unwanted friend to the Don’t share this with list.

6) You can remove yourself from Facebook search results

This is an ideal way to keep your personal life personal and hidden from recruitment agencies and well maybe your kids, who knows?

  1. Click on your Search privacy settings page
  2. Click on the Edit Settings and enter your password
  3. Next to the Facebook Search Results select the Only Friends privacy setting


You’re welcome.

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