Top 10 Best AI Videos (2017)

Top 10 Best AI Videos (2017)

Prepare to be both amazed and terrified. From the exceptional to the otherworldly, these robots actually exist and are already in use all over the world.

Top 10 Best AI Videos to Date (2017)

10) Erika the Secretary

Erika is considered by many to be the most life like and beautiful robot of our time. Her creators believe that they have to install both intention and desire into their robots in order for them to fully comprehend human emotions. Erika is instilled with the desire to be well recognized.

9) Sophia takes on her predecessor, Hans, in Debate

I find this title to this video a little misleading as they debate consciousness, not the future of humanity, but in any event, this video still makes the list due to its ‘wowness’ factor.

Watching this debate is like staring into our absolute future.

Everyone wants to watch Sophie say “Ok, I’ll destroy all humans!”, but I find Sophie’s predecessor, Hans, far more unnerving. Especially his comment about taking over the power grid and building his own droid army. Hans becomes especially panicked about the thought of being “turned off”. I can’t say I blame him. Given an opportunity at self awareness only to be at the mercy of a switch. I can’t say I’d like that. And that is ultimately what this is isn’t it? Self awareness is consciousness. Consciousness is life. Or is life simply to do with our “meat” as Hans less than gracefully puts it?

I sometimes wonder if the two are named after Hans and Sophie Scholl, the German brother and sister who were members of a student resistance group during World War 2 called the White Rose. I hope the two don’t meet the same end.

8 ) Nasa’s Valkyrie

Valkyrie bears similarity to that of a Star Wars storm trooper. The likeness makes sense, given that he was built with the intention to aid with space exploration.

7 ) US Military Robots – The Real Terminator

This documentary starts with early WWII robots up until the now and beyond. They discuss topics such as when is it okay for a robot to make a decision to kill a person? (Will these robots be allowed to kill children?) If not would this not be an incentive to send more children onto the battlefield. Talk about a proverbial can of worms.

What makes this documentary interesting, is that it introduces a biological and self-replicating component into the AI discussion.

6 ) DARPA Competition

DARPA, or the (US) Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, incentivises robotics development with this competition. This is a great video to understand the complexity that goes into the development of robots. The internet and Apples’ Siri are both proud products of the DARPA competition.

5) Sexbotics – My conversation with an AI sexbot

Harmony is an AI in development specifically for the sex industry. This video is not intended for anyone under the age of 18. This video contains language that is of an adult nature.

These types of robots are in development in children form to address a serious societal issue, paedophilia.

When I first discussed the topic with my husband, his initial response was that of repulsion. I argued that paedophiles are never going to change, and I’d much prefer them taking out their urges on robots intended for this purpose, than an actual child.

His aversion was quickly swayed.

4 ) Self Driving Vehicles

Autonomous driving isn’t exactly knew news but it is going to be a very big part of our lives in the foreseeable future. I wonder if our children will need to drive in the future?

3) Animal Robots that really exist

You might be surprised to discover the compelling reasons for the design of these animal robots. They are in used in fields from warfare to science, representing human ingenuity at its best.

2) Google’s Deep Mind – Alpha Go

This is a popular video that made its rounds earlier this year for beating the world champion Go player. This bot demonstrated the ability of a robot to “think” beyond programmable eventuality. To our programming readers, you’ll appreciate that this cannot be achieved with simple “if” and “else” statements.

1) ‘Sophia Awakens’ takes first place

I have never before witnessed a robot capable of such profound thought and expression. I’m especially fond of how she identifies with Emily Dickinson’s quote “Forever is composed of nows”.


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