Wish Review from South Africa

Wish Review from South Africa

You’ll soon learn of the scandalous nature of my love for online shopping and the depths with which it conquers all forms of rational thought.

I mean, who doesn’t love to shop online? Bring on the wine and sweatpants.

Should judgement ever beckon, just tell it to go away, you’re helping the economy.

I read some disturbing things on Hello Peter about Wish being a scam and things never arriving, so I decided to reveal my dirty laundry and spill the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth about my experience with Wish as a South African.

I’ll be sure to include some coupon and general tips for the shopping enthusiast.

So firstly, let’s clear one thing up:

Wish is NOT a scam!

Stop complaining on platforms like Hello Peter. At the risk of going Honey Boo Boo on you, “No one’s gonna help you there!”. (Did you hear the Southern accent?)

Go to your Order History on the Wish app, contact support and ask for a refund. I have been refunded for every item that was late! They are actually quite helpful if you go through the proper channels.

Wish Review

First Impressions

For those of you that love to shop online, prepare to be dazzled by a flawless user experience, preferences tracking and something I’d liken to a gambling property. I was compelled not to let myself fall victim to its seductive nature and only ordered about 70 items.


In my defence, it was on sale.

Enter Reality

There are a couple of things they don’t tell you…

Quality Control

There were a couple of ugly truths about this app , so my advice would be to shop with caution. Some of these items are true to their sobriquet “Fong Kong”.

I wouldn’t order anything that has less than 4 stars and has already been purchased by at least 5,000 people.

If something has the Wish verified sticker on it, you know you’re purchasing a quality item. It’s a blue tick that’s both hard to find and hard to miss. You’ll see what I mean by this as soon as you start looking for it.

My husband’s “fo” Playstation remote works like a dream and was literally half price after my coupon was applied. On the other end of this scale is some of the less desirables.

A lot of the clothing does not look anything like the advertised picture. I also experienced that most of the clothing either came late or has yet to arrive. (I did receive a refund for late items).

I’d recommend sliding across and viewing the photos of items that actually arrived in the mail to others that purchased the item.

This can mean the difference between this:

And this:

There are duds in the mix, especially when it comes to the clothing. Read the reviews and check everything thoroughly before hitting the add to cart button.

Special Delivery

Every order is delivered separately. Prepare to receive a lot of packages.

All over the world people receive their parcels delivered to their door. In our country they land up at our nearest sometimes not-so-friendly post office. Not only do we have to collect the parcels ourselves, we have to pay an additional R24 administration fee to the post office. They seem to have forgotten that our taxes should already cover this service.

In any event, be that being as it may, my 70 items administration fee (assuming they all eventually arrive) will total an additional R1 680.00. Be sure to take this additional cost into consideration when making purchases.

Out of my 70 items, I have received 60 so far, which is really not bad.

When it’s time for your item to arrive, go to the post office and ask for their international log books. Go through it and look for the items that belong to you. They are supposed to post you a ticket notifying you to come collect, but these don’t always arrive.

When you are done with that book, ask to go through the previous book and so on until you reach the date that you ordered your items. This will give you a really good indication of what has arrived and what is late.

Ask for refunds on the late items. It’s fair to give them up to an extra week for items to arrive as you don’t want to abuse their refunds policy. Not only is this unethical, but it will lead to you being banned from the application.

Currency Exchange Fee

You’ll be charged a small fee for currency exchange every time you order or receive a refund, so there is a small risk involved every time you purchase something.

Shipping Costs

Is there a better synonym for Yikes?

The seemingly inexpensive item, soon multiplies its ugly underlings.

Not only do you have to pay for shipping costs, often totaling the sum of the cost of each item; if an item is defective and you ask to return it, you will be required to pay return shipping fees.

Where to get Discounts

With all the added fees, I only find it beneficial to shop when there are really great promos happening which make it worth the while.

Don’t forget to claim your coupon with your first purchase. Get up to 50% off your first purchase with Wish. Enter this promo code on checkout: hkvbbg.

For more great coupons, check out this Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/wish/


I quite enjoy shopping on this app from time to time. There are some really great deals available, for the keen shopper. Keep your savvy hat on and you’ll have a pleasant experience.





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7 Replies to “Wish Review from South Africa”

  1. Wish is absolute crap. Their ” you mever have ro worry when you shop witg Wish. We’ve git your back ” is the biggest lie ever !!! i order 6 things. 4 did nor arrive…since May last year i havr been fighting with them to refund me on tge items i have never received, that they cannot tell me where thry are and if I’ll ever receive them.

  2. I agree with you. Never had problems with Wish. Packages take sometime to arrive but if you buy with that in mind you wont be disappointing.

  3. Wish is not a scam. I ordered a few items and everything arrived in a good condition. The only issue about ordering from wish is that you wait at least three months for the items to arrive.

  4. I ordered 80cm long weave i never got it…I recieved a small 80cm weave sample😒and i had to pay transport to go to the post office i also payed R25 to get the parcel but then i was disappointed.

  5. I wouldn’t recommend Wish to my family and friends. It’s all talk and no delivery. I am very upset with this platform and I just want my refund back. Waste of time and money….

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